About Us

Moto Bobblehead: Birmingham, UK

Moto Bobblehead is a very young but fast growing community for Bikers by Bikers. Simply put we take your image and Bobble your head. We do what we do for the love of the Bike community and we began Moto Bobblehead providing our services FREE of charge to everyone. Very quickly our following grew and our operation moved from a one man show to an international team managing hundreds of emails a day.

We aim to put a smile on every bikers face when they see our Bobbleheads and that is the reason we do what we do

We are still growing at a phenomenal rate and our team is getting larger. We are becoming more organised allowing us to deal with the large amount of traffic and requests we are receiving on a daily basis and hope to start offering other services to our fellow Biking community.

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Basic Bobble - From $1

Our basic bobble is a transformation of head size. We edit an existing picture that is sent to us and bobble the head. It is the best value for money at a price of only $1 with a watermark and the option to pay another $1 to remove it and has been priced this way simply to cover our costs to allow us to continue providing this service.

Premium Bobble - From $10

Our Premium Bobble is a customised Bobble. As well as editing of the head you can have a variety of other modifications from colour changes to removal of wheels to addition of other objects. These start from $10 and vary in price depending on requirements


To help fund the running of this page we have began offering Moto Bobblehead merchandise. Due to our infancy we are developing this and will be offering further products as we expand from FREE stickers to customised tees with your images on them.

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