Moto Bobblehead: Birmingham, UK

What We Offer

We offer a customization service on your images. At a basic level we bobble your head and reattach it to the original picture. We offer a a Basic and Premium Bobble, both explained in more details below.

Image Quality

We prefer images that are at least 8 megapixels (Standard iPhone 6) but we can work any lower resolution images however as seen below the lower resolution images will result with a blurry bobble effect. This is sometimes not noticed when the image is shrunk but fully blown it will be more visible.

If the quality is unworkable you will be informed and asked for a higher resolution image however in some instance we can work with low quality images but if the original file is low resolution we will not be held responsible for the lower resolution outcome. It is your responsibility to follow the guidelines outlined.




Images with major obstructions of either hands or objects cannot be bobbled. If a small part of the image is obscured then it can possibly be recreated. However large portions of concealed data cannot be recreated.

Watermarked Images


This is an example of a watermarked and unwatermarked image. The thickness and position of the watermark may vary but it will always go over the image.

Basic Bobble

The Basic Bobblehead

Surprise your friends or just for a chuckle this is the most common and popular Bobblehead, a straight forward edit of your image. One image will be edited and sent back to you for just $1 with a watermark and and additional $1 to remove the watermark per Head edited or $5 for 3 Heads (can be across multiple images).

No Helmet - This will cost an additional $1 per head
Animal - This will cost an additional $1 per animal

For further information on guidelines click here and to purchase/upload an image click here

Smashed Bobble

The Smashed Bobblehead

The smashed bobble is the next step up from the basic bobble. You get the usual Bobble head but in addition the bike is shrunk down to look almost like a toy. This type of edit takes a lot longer than the basic Bobble and about 5% of images cannot be edit in this way if the angle is difficult. For this reason any Smashed Bobble requests need to be emailed to us first for approval before payment is made and image edited. Cost - $20

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Premium Bobble

The Premium Bobblehead

The Premium Bobblehead is just that, a full customisable version of your image from enlarged head to removal of wheels to colour change addition, removals, you name it. These can vary dramatically and they will cost you no less than $10 per image. Depending on the amendments and edits required this will increase. These are ideal for gifts, promotion and as always just a good old chuckle.

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